China Films & Video Group
China Films & Video Group is a China-based, privately held media content production and distribution company.  Established in 1996, the Group initially focused on co-production of television programs with major television stations in China.  It soon expanded into production of other media contents, co-production with overseas production houses, distribution of contents, and provision of digital media production services.  The Group has extensive network and experience in the Chinese media industry and is one of the largest private media content providers in China.  The nimble and dynamic management team of the Group distinguishes it among competitors.  With the Chinese Government's commitment to reform its media industry, the Group is uniquely positioned to build a virtual media network for production and distribution of superior contents in China.
The virtual media network that produces and distributes superior contents contributing to the quality lifestyle of the audience in China
Partners and Affiliates
Chia Tai ICE Music Production Limited
China International Culture & Arts Company
Gobi Partners, Inc.
Shanghai SFS Digital Media Co Ltd
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Name: Ms. Rita Chan, Administrator